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Donald Trump Birthday Special Interview / वाढदिवस स्पेशल

Watch Donald Trump’s special birthday interview. Funny voiceover of Donald Trump’s interview in marathi. You will enjoy the video where Donald Trump speaks in marathi language along with his wife Melanie. Happy Birthday Donald | वाढदिवस स्पेशल Credits:  Donald : Vishwa Jigar : Sanja Melania : Prasanna Video : Sanja Production : Khaas Re TV

मंत्र पुष्पांजली अर्थ / Mantra Pushpanjali Meaning

मंत्र पुष्पांजली अर्थ #Mantra Pushpanjali Mantra Pushpanjali is a devotional chant which means a prayer with flower offerings. This is a crucial part of the Aarti and is recited at the end of the Aarti. Listen to this Mantra and offer Mantra Pushpanjali to Lord Ganesha and seek his divine blessings. ॐ यज्ञेन यज्ञमयजंत देवास्तानि […]